My Plans In The Future

Hi!It's me again Aditya Dwi Wirasena. Today I'd like to tell you my plans in the future.Who doesn't like holiday such as go to the beach with your kin and kit? Everyone in this world likes to go holiday.Even though,I rarely do it with my family,but it gives me so much memorable and unforgettable moments in my entire life.

Aditya ;"Hi!Arya,how are things with you?."
Arya   :"I'm pretty well,thanks.How about you?"
Aditya :"I'm feeling great.By the way do you have any plans during the holiday?"
Arya   :"Which holiday?"
Aditya :"This new year holiday."
Arya    :"Yes I do,perhaps I'm going to travel around Europe with my big family."
Aditya  :"What a nice plans!When are you going to Europe?"
Arya     :"My family has planned that we are going to Europe on December,25th."
Aditya   :"Wow!Are you going to Europe on christmas day?"
Arya    :"Yes of course,because I want to see s…

Feeling Grateful Moment

It's me Aditya Dwi.Welcome to my blog again.Today I'd like to tell you one moment that I had and I felt so desperate,but someone came to me and helped me.I was so grateful at that time.

It happened when I was 9 years old in Waterboom Pantai Indah Kapuk.I went there with my kin and kit by car.First,I didn't have a weird feeling about this.So I went there with happy feeling and I wished I had a great time there.When I arrived in Waterboom,I changed my clothes with my swimsuit.I swam with my kin and kit so happily and joyfully.Unfortunately at that time,I couldn't swim very well because I just learned to swim 4 weeks before I went to Waterboom.

My brothers taught me to swim there and we played the sliders and stuffs there.Before the tragedy happened my family and I ate some food before I swam again.After I ate some food I just ranaway from my family into deep swimming pool.The pool was wide,deep,and swift.Because I was still kid so I didn't read the depth of the water…

My New Friend

Hello guys...
It's me again.Today I'd like to tell you my experiences.I met my new friend at canteen.People usually call it bazar.We can choose so many foods there.I saw him when I wanted to buy orange juice,then i sat next to him and I tried to talk with him gently.

He was eating noodle quietly.

Me :"Hey,do you mind if I sit next to you?"
Him:"Sure,of course not,you can sit here if you want to."
Me:"What are you eating?"
Him:"Oh,I`m eating noodle,how about you? What are you drinking?"
Me:"This is orange juice,do you want some?"
Him:"No thanks,I already have one."
Me:"By the way,we haven`t known each other yet,what is your name?"
Him:"I`m Niko,and you?"
Me:"My name is Aditya,but you can call me Adit."
Him:"Oh,glad to see you."
Me:"Me too,if I`m not wrong,we are classmates,aren`t we?"
Him:"Yes we are,It`s pretty funny that we are in the same class,but we haven`t k…

It's all about me

Aditya Dwi Wirasena
     I'd like to tell you about me.My name is Aditya Dwi Wirasena.People usually call me Adit.I was born in Makassar on May,6th 2002.Im 15 years old now.Im a moslem.I live at Katalina 2 street number 5.My hobby is playing football.I have one brother,his name is Darmawan Eka Wicaksono and he also loves football.Now im studying at 3 SHS Bandung.I love math the most,every weekend i always take a math lesson outside the school.I love to read a book such as novel,comic,etc.Sometimes i just want to do nothing at home because the assignments that my school give to me is so many.But i have to be strong to face all of my challenges.
    I love travelling.Anually i go to Malang with my family by plane so i cant feel the traffic jam on the ground.In fact,my favorite destination is Europe because my family and i can visit so many beautiful cities there,i went there by plane.It took 14 hours to reach Europe.I also love food,but my favorite food is rendang because it's …